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Tom Doig

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Tom Doig is a collage artist and muralist based in Cork City. Born in Aberdeen he spent his early years growing up in London before moving to Cork in 1994. Tom graduated with an Honours Degree from the Crawford College of Art and Design in 2009 and with a Masters in 2018. His approach to collage is a process based method of seeking and collecting material from a variety of sources and organising these images in an intuitive way. Visual fragments from cheap and obsolete encyclopaedias and reference books, composed in an attempt to resolve a structural and textural balance, to create an observation on our relationship with technology and digital perception, and to build environments which allude to a world of pure information. His work ranges from smaller intimate compositions to enlarged paste-up public art commissions.


400mm x 300mm (16x12")
300g Olin paper stock
Lithographic print
1.3mm Cream Core Backing Board